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Repair of Mr.Y concrete wall and crown of levee


[Problems before construction]

・ The trowel level at the top of the retaining wall was poor. ・ There are many concrete wall and honeycomb .

・ After rough-cutting the crown of levee with a flat- polishing grindstone # 36, trowel-coating squeeze the entire surface with Repair Resin White.

This time I had plenty of time, so I was able to work harder than last time.
I was able to bring it to a satisfactory finish

  • "C Repair Color" (with 3.7L plastic container)
  • "C Repair Lining" (250g tube type)
  • "Repair Resin" products
  • Level Grinding Wheel
  • "Wagner Flexio 570"

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    Y Hata-sama concrete wall and crown of levee repair | Concrete repair shop